Structured products and derivatives allow payout profiles that are not feasible with traditional investments such as stocks or bonds. For each risk profile and for every market situation, solutions can be developed, which offer the investor special advantages, such as the payment of a guaranteed coupons, disproportionate participation in an underlying or capital protection.

The appropriate use of Structured Products and Derivatives therefore makes it possible to tap into new sources of income and better diversify the portfolio risk.


Individualized products provide efficient access to various investment themes and trends. There is a suitable solution for every market expectation and risk appetite. We have the capital market knowledge, we understand the products and we are equipped with the necessary processing tools for a professional and complete service.


Individual and competent

We do not believe in “one size fits all”. Our business is based on tailor-made solutions and these are as individual as our customers themselves. We take the time to engage in an in-depth dialogue to ensure that your ideas are implemented as accurately as possible when creating your personal investment product.

Starting with recommendations for the use of individual investment solutions, to product monitoring in the secondary market, to settlement at maturity or the early sale: We are at your side in every market phase, fair and competent.


Independent and fast

Best Execution is central to our business. We procure the best possible conditions for your product from a broad range of issuers. We offer our customers a response to the new regulatory landscape (FIDLEG, MiFID II), which requires competition amongst providers. As we can aggregate a larger volume of deals, we enjoy the best terms and a speedy service from issuers. Due to our independence, we are not obliged to anyone but to our customers.


Precise and sustainable

We serve our customers throughout the entire investment period. Our modern IT infrastructure allows us to constantly monitor products. Are secondary market prices shown correctly? Is the risk / return profile still accurate? Are prices approaching critical thresholds where one should react in a timely manner? Many of our customers appreciate this active and dedicated service.

With our efficient reporting system you have an overview of your structured product portfolio at any time and always up to date. Current prices of all issuers, upcoming events in the various products or risk monitoring of individual parameters are just a few highlights of our system.